Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wintery Toes

Cold. Frozen. Can’t feel my toes. Sun. Icy Roads.

Its winter with a 100% dedication.

I was blown away to the point of tears this morning on my drive to work. The whole world is just beautiful. It’s cold enough that the frost and fine snow hasn’t melted off the branches, although the sun is shining fiercely. Casting a golden hew outlining every twig and branch.

It’s as if the trees have reached up and declared it is the season of winter - Of Christmas - Of Miracles.

It hasn’t felt like Christmas lately; guess its still early December. These past few months have just flown by I honestly have no idea where the time has gone!

I’m looking forward to slowing down enough to enjoy the season. Spend some quality time with those I love – to not be so consumed by the busyness and fast paced world around me.

But saying all of that I am reminded as I come home to a warm house, get coffee in the morning – that there are so many who aren’t nearly as fortunate.

I was driving downtown the other evening, took a “wrong turn” and ended up turning around in an alley. What I saw broke my heart. It was late and dark and very cold.
Every 50 feet were shopping carts parked next to make shift lean-tos from garbage bags, boxes or sheets. A few blocks away - the hub of downtown, the businesses, government buildings – a casino. And in the midst of the hustle are people without homes, desperately trying to get shelter from the cold.

Its humbling… actually it makes me feel ashamed. Ashamed to complain about… pretty much anything. It makes my struggles or weakness so small in comparison, and it fires up a desire in me to help.

So I’m going to try to remember this day – the striking beauty along with the shocking cold. And how thankful I should be for all I have and those I love.

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