Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Lucky Ones

Life has been heartbreaking lately. Ups and downs and twists and turns to the point that I’m straight up dizzy.
It’s been a time of appreciating the fragility of life, the people I love and letting go of the less important things.
People often shake their heads when they hear that ANOTHER thing has happened to our family, but frankly I’m tired of that attitude. Trust me, I’m exhausted as you would expect, but I’m also immensely thankful. Things may not be always easy or sunshine and rainbows, but I feel lucky that the people I love the most are still with me – truly walking miracles.
Sure. There are times when I wonder if we did something bad in a past life, like were really nasty ants or something, or perhaps this is all to prepare us for something down the road, or maybe it’s just to strengthen our relationship and love so that we have no regrets when the end comes.
Things like “oh you guys have the worst luck!” Or “here we go again” makes me sad and makes it hard to explain. I choose to think that we are indeed lucky! To think that everyone has SURVIVED thus far, with all the INSANE things that have happened, makes me believe that we are truly the LUCKIEST people I know.
Perhaps we are trusted to handle the tough things, because God knows we aren’t going to lose our minds, or that we will use the added understanding and compassion to help others? I’m not exactly sure the reasoning and I’m fairly certain I will never fully understand it all. But Hey….. we’re all here.
And I think… if we can make it through this… we can make it through anything :)


Kathleen said...

You're SO blessed and I am SO thankful you're all still alive and kicking! Walking miracles all around for sure! xoxo

Katie said...

Yet another reason why I love you. Your family is an inspiration to me. And while I have been one of those people to shake their heads in disbelief, I know at the same time that you guys are probably the ONLY people in this whole friggin' world who could handle what you have been through. Thank you for being an example of perseverance and truly showing that with love, you can survive anything :)