Friday, June 17, 2011

Dancing with the Clouds

There is something about the way the air smells after a rain storm. Perhaps it’s the excess electricity in the air, the moisture drawing out the smells from the evergreens and the newly opened blossoms. But the world is electric green and vibrant.
I believe another storm is brewing; the clouds are setting up stage to dance in the sky. There is a contrast of colors and different lights, creating unknown shapes above me. I’m excited to feel that rumble of the thunder, and the flashes of light sending shivers down my spine. The feeling of rain on my skin as I dance with the clouds.


Donnalynn said...

wow i loved this!! Your created a picture so real that I could smell and feel and see it all!

MandyB said...

I was so used to rain when I lived in England that I never enjoyed it but since coming to Canada its rarity has me standing in the torrent of rain drops to feel & smell them! Now a days a rainy day means a day of writing - a joy!