Friday, April 15, 2011

This is my Angry Face

Stick that in your juicebox….

It’s Friday. And no I’m not going to start singing the wretched Rebecca Black song… how is that someone can virtually ruin an entire day of the week? Best day at that.

I’ve been having somewhat upsetting encounters with the transit service these days. You would think I would receive some sort of pat on the back for using public transit, like “yay, look at you saving the environment” or “how nice to give up your seat for that old person” or “thanks for not punching the lady who fell asleep on your shoulder” or even better “thanks for showering so you smell better than 80% of the travellers
But no. I receive no such thing. Don’t get me wrong I have run into some marvellous drivers, who apparently like their job, and are personable and friendly – and … HUMAN.
And then there is angry George. Ok I don’t actually know his name. But I have christened him angry George.
He bears a slight resemblance to Mr. Bean… except meaner. It all started on a normal, wonderful bright Monday morning. (No Mondays are not wonderful, normal or bright) I stopped (as usual) at the Mcd’s by the bus depot to pick my lifesaving cup of jo and something super healthy like a Mcgriddle Sandwhich (magical btw) I am feeling happy, like I might actually get off to a good start to the day… when BAM!
Mr. Grumpypants interrupts my happy thoughts with yelling at me… apparently he decided that my small coffee, well enclosed in its lidded environment is a matter of national security. And promptly confiscates it. Now not only am I totally pissed off… this being the first time in 2 years of being a transit rider that my coffee was deemed illegal.
Trust me, at that moment I sincerely wished it contained something illegal. So I carry on my ride, with him blasting through puddles, drenching the average passer-by and being glared at through the rear-view mirror.

Episode #2.
I am smarter and sneakily carry my thermos in my purse this day. And it goes un noticed by Grumpy Georgepants. However someone obviously snuck something awful in his oatmeal… not only does he stop the bus. He turns around and yells at his passengers because apparently someone accidentally hit the bell at the wrong stop. It seems like he is going to sit there until someone confesses. Thankfully for their sake, no one does. And he continues on his way.
Until he comes to a screeching halt on icy roads because he missed his turn. BACKS up the bus in the middle of a major road and turns excessively enough to throw me into the window.

Episode #3
Being without sleep from being in emergency with my mom all night… I didn’t have the coherence to make coffee this morning. SO, again Mcd’s calls my name with all its fatty goodness. This time I put my coffee cup inside the paper bag and into my purse. I try to sit out of direct eye contact with his rear-view mirror. Still somehow he manages to burn holes through my forehead the entire ride as I happily drink my coffee.
I also sat by the rear exit door, hoping to safely make my escape. But nope, Grumpy George has other plans. He has disabled the back door, forcing me to walk to the front, past his glaring stare and I quickly (if not run) off the bus towards my office.
But not so fast… He is yelling. Again. And I pretend to ignore him, but apparently he isn’t going to stop, so I turn around. He proceeds to inform me that “I am not bringing that coffee back on the bus with me again” I am truly amazed at my own self control with
1. Not flipping him off.
2. Not throwing my precious coffee at him.
3. Not informing him that I’m heading to a meeting with his boss….
I simply, calmly walk away, fuming mad and smoke coming out of my ears.
I understand people have bad days, and perhaps even bad weeks – trust me I’m in the middle of one.
But to actually yell at someone over a coffee cup? I simply cannot understand.
And so this brings me to Friday. Glorious, wonderful weekend.
I’m moving to a deserted Island.
Its not that I don’t like people… ok actually I take that back.

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Karen said...

You exerted far more self control than I would have. WTF is his problem? Its not a weapon, you're not spilling all over anyone, and I'm guessing it wasn't you who pulled the cord too quickly. I think you should call the transit folks, give them the bus route, the bus number if you know it, and complain about his erratic behaviour. Is he getting some sort of perverse pleasure from intimidating his passengers? Sheesh!