Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Hundred and Three, is a lot to be.

My Baba turned 103 this past weekend! Wow!
Lately I’ve been wondering if I’ll make it 25, let alone 103.

Thankfully she is very much with it, and sharp. And ever so funny. It amazes me how hard working, poor and how much she went through in her life and still so healthy. Sure, she isn’t skydiving – but her mind is in tact, no heart conditions, or major health ailments, other than perhaps there being a little bit of fluff in her ears which prevents her from hearing too well.
She was introduced to her great-great granddaughter and she responded with “My goodness I must be so old!”
Anyways, it makes you wonder. My Baba who loves pie and ice-cream, KFC and Beer- Who worked out in the sun everyday without a hat or sunscreen, drove in a car without seatbelts, had no hand-sanitizer in their outhouse, ate veggies with the dirt still on – is still thriving at 103, no cancer, no heart disease, no skin cancer and almost never sick.

Go Baba! Show all those health yuppies who’s boss :)


Christa M. Vanderham said...

It's so true, darling! The same was the reality for my Great Grandma Violet AND my Great Nana Rita! Now a days, despite health care, preventative medicine, etc. more people are sicker and dying... I know travel is partly responsible, but so is GMO's, chemtrails in the sky, and people's lack of overall activity in a week on average! All we can do is live by what God's Word teaches about caring for His creation, which includes our bodies! And to enjoy the days on earth since they are numbered and likened to a breath or the morning fog!
Bless your dear Baba! And isn't it wonderful to surround ourselves with people of all ages and histories?

Anonymous said...

she looks amazing. I hope I am like her when I'm 103. x)