Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Diamonds

I like the sound of silence. Calm. The ability to hear yourself breathe. See a country road stretched out before you, seemingly unending – hopeful.
A field blanketed in white, ripples and waves chiselled out by the wind and branches thick with glittering frost that resembles clustered diamonds frozen in time. Sunlight peaking through the branches, illuminating every detail of the snowflakes, every point accentuated.
Breathe. Cold wind whipping past my face, only the sound of my footsteps and camera to break the silence.
It’s been a cold, long winter and difficult to find the sun. It’s moments like this, quieting of heart, which brings the beauty of the world into focus. Slowing down enough to hear the wind, see the details in the snowflakes and the reflection of even the smallest light.

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