Monday, February 28, 2011

The odd and beautiful

I have a few things I would like to rant about.
First of all… what a WONDERFUL weekend. Got some much needed cleaning/organizing done. I often wonder why I have such a collection of price tags from clothes… pretty sure that if I haven’t returned them after 2 months… not gonna happen.
So that felt GREAT to get everything cleaned up, shoes in nice little boxes dusting, vacuuming, mattress flipping (I am aware this is making me sound like some sort of housewife… don’t be fooled)

Second of all; I went to the Orchid Show this weekend taking place at Grant MacEwan. It was put on by the Orchid Society of Edmonton. I think my mom and I are going to join. She is fantastic at growing orchids and keeping them alive, I hope I inherit that trait – time will tell. I did get some awesome pictures which I am really excited about. Some of the orchids were totally breathtaking; some of them are so odd they are almost ugly, but when you take a closer look, their intricacies are unbelievable. And truly, the uglier they are, the more rare and delicate. Amazing. Kind of reminds me of people – the sort of shunned, or unappreciated, or perhaps the undesirable are truly the rare and most beautiful of people. We often bypass them, for more familiar or more comfortable, but we are missing out on the rare and deeply intricate individuals around us.

Third: what is up with our justice system?? Seriously. Someone drinks, drives, kills someone; and they get out on bail? Are you kidding me!? I’m a little wound up on this one.

Fourth: Shamrocks are in! I am selling “Shamrocks” on behalf of Strathcona Fire for Muscular Dystrophy. $1 each. They are awesome. And green. And you should buy some lol

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