Thursday, May 10, 2012


Sometimes I get tired. Tired of smiling and fighting and staying positive.

There are times when the crushing weight of the world becomes too difficult, and I want to just stay hidden under the covers and wait for the day to end – but unfortunately I don’t have the option.

I’m thirsting for sunshine and a break from the clouds. I’m aching to feel a sense of peace. I’m tired of being strong and tough and brave. I wish for the permission to just be weak. Why can’t we give ourselves that luxury? Sounds strange to feel that being weak is a luxury; perhaps it’s the security in letting someone else be strong instead.

I wish to feel selfless love. Like the love from a pet or a child. No hidden agendas, no need to impress, or entertain – just be.

There is a comfort in being silent. With no noise or distractions except the rustling of leaves, or the gentle sound of the wind. I long for that.

I crave the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Searching for priceless treasures only to be found in the sea.

I’m tired of the clicking of a keyboard, the sound of a phone, the artificial light above my head. All I really want is a reminder of the simplicity of the world, without all the distractions and loud motions.




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