Monday, September 19, 2011

View From the Bowl - What I Did On My Summer Vacation....

Life from the bowl part 2

I can’t even begin to update you on my summer. I can hardly wait to do my annual “what I did on my summer vacation”… except I never got one.

Oh don’t worry my human did… left me to drown in my sorrows… with the attention of frightened other humans to see if I died. Seriously… the drama was supreme! The yelling and crying commenced as usual… and the panicked “Is he still alive? I don’t know, I haven’t seen him move lately….” Would make me chuckle in my gills; I played dead in the weeds. Proved that guilt gets you extra food, and more attention, and even a change of scenery as I got to relocate to a different desk so the acting human could keep a closer eye on me.

But a sinister human, with little squinty eyes threatened me… if I continued to play dead, my original human would have to *GASP* flush ME! So as soon as she returned so well rested and happy, I hadn’t slept in DAYS… and I swam with great speed and enthusiasm to show how alive I really was.
They joked about how I must have missed her… but really… I knew the truth. I was just trying to stay alive. Cause everyone knows… once you float… you gotta go.

Swimming off. Till next time.

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