Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Skies on Fire

I have so many things to write about right now I don't even know where to start!

It seems that the city has been on fire with unreal sunsets and sunrises combined with thunder storms. It has to be my favorite part of summer. That intense flash of light and deep rumble makes me feel so alive and so small in such a large creation.
The colors are so vivid and beautiful it makes my heart hurt... I could watch the storms forever.

The rain and storms have always held such a significance for me. Such a comforting sense that there is something so much bigger than me, and that my life and my problems are so small in comparison to the universe. It blows me away.
My greatest moments of reflection have always been sitting in the rain watching storms curled up in a blanket. The times i've come to know myself the most. I'm so thankful for the love of storms I learnt from my mom.
She used to take me out to the driveway when i was little and we would watch the lightening. She used to tell me what different ones meant (apparently colors meant different things... not sure if it was one of those stories like Cal and Gary... but it doesnt matter) The point is, she taught me to love the strength of nature and not fear it, and to dance in the rain.
So when I get to walk hand in hand with the one i love now, with the sky on fire and the rain falling on us... I get that same feeling, like i am watching and a part of something so much bigger and more powerful than myself.

So bring on the storms, bring on the skies on fire... bring on the rainbows.

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