Friday, May 13, 2011


Someone called me “Bubbles” at work today. And although a joke, it brought a smile to my face, and brought back to when I was about 10.

An elderly Gentleman at Synagogue used to always call my mom “Bubbles”. He was like an adopted grandpa to me, as I didn’t have grandparents involved in my life at the time. His name was Shim, and I remember how much love he used that name for my Mom.
He used to say how she was like a light bulb, so full of life and love. Boy was he right. Unfortunately he passed on quite a few years ago, and he hasn’t crossed my mind in a long time. He used to pat my head, swear up a storm, and try to feed my schnapps and pickled herring. He used to call me “little bubbles”.

We all need people in our lives who recognize the little things about us, and when we think back the memories make us smile.

On the topic of bubbles….
My good friend Kathleen and I have a saying “Just follow the bubbles”
I used to say to her “I just don’t know what end is up”
And in her lifeguard-straight-to-the-point way she would say “Just follow the bubbles”
Still when I have a bad day, I think of that and smile.
Sometimes it’s the smallest things we remember and the smallest things that bring joy.


Anonymous said...

God I love this post.

It made ME smile. It's great advice--little things matter the most. I never think about commenting on things I notice about people that would make them happy. This post has reminded me to be a little more thoughtful.

Thank you.

-Nessa said...

Well thank you for reading THAT girl :)
I enjoyed reading your blog as well...

MandyB said...

Wonderful - I remember to follow my bubbles!