Friday, April 29, 2011

Gold Diggers

I was watching Dr. Phil the other day. Now usually I have to be in a certain mood, because I find he is very sensational (and I don’t mean amazing) but rather that like most shows, plays off the drama and off his subjects emotion. Makes for good TV, makes for good background noise while I peel potatoes.

His show was highlighting “Bad Girls”. Basically these women who are self acclaimed “Gold Diggers” and Cougars. Besides the fact that their implants are hitting their chins and their foreheads and mouths don’t move when they talk, because there is so much plastic and botox, it’s truly hard to decipher their age and human resemblance.

They so proudly brag about how they seek to meet men with money, tease them, don’t sleep with them so they will buy them expensive things and give them money only to dump them once they get what they want. They don’t want love, they don’t want relationship just money, just things.

Audience members applauded their guts and their “Women Power”. A man stood up and said he felt they had no respect for themselves…. To which one of the women responded “well you obviously aren’t wealthy, and you obviously aren’t happy, otherwise you would be attracted to us. Why don’t you go out and get a real job”One young woman was talking about how she has a “list” of things she wants. Whether it’s a New York apartment, or her college paid for, or a certain piece of jewellery; she said she doesn’t expect one person to fulfill all of it, but once she gets one thing, and exhausts that person, she moves onto the next. It’s like some massive, grown-up twisted scavenger hunt.
I’m not sure if I live under a rock… but is this seriously a thing?

When did relationships become so twisted? Love is cheapened as a route to achieve status and self-fulfilment. It makes me honestly sad.

I guess love to me, is getting to be with your best friend. Being able to support each other through hard times, celebrate the good ones. Push each other and learn from each other, and to laugh. A lot. Knowing that they aren’t perfect, knowing that you aren’t perfect – and yet somehow you wouldn’t change a thing about them.
Maybe its just figuring out whats important in life. But for me… I’m pretty sure I could live in a box under a bridge, and as long as I was with the guy I love… I’d be the happiest person in the world.

So, no botox, no implants, no plastic – no bling. Just Love.
Because at the end of the day, its who you surround yourself with, and it’s the moments with those most important that will matter. Its the kind of gold that matter, the kind that lasts.


Anonymous said...

I saw that Dr. Phil. I've been watching a few of his episodes recently. I can't stand the guy, but sometimes he has the most random stuff that I just watch anyway.

MandyB said...

It is a sad reflection on today's society that 'things' mean more than love & life. A person can be thrown away as easily as trash - but what does that say about the person throwing? Too shallow to bother with! At their end they will be sad lonely people craving a comforting hand but having a pile of things instead.