Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Things That Annoy Me Today

1. When people refer to normal colors by non-normal words. Like “Wedgwood blue” (why not light blue), or “cream taupe” (beige? Off white?)

2. The fact that people think I named a plant “Bruce” It’s a fish. That blue thing swimming around in the water… a fish. Not a plant. Keep it together people.

3. When people walk past my desk, say “hey Vanessa, oh I’m fine great, thanks bye” what just happened… I didn’t even have a chance to say hello back, and I certainly didn’t ask how you were, or tell you how I was… bizarre.

4. When people you don’t know talk to you obnoxiously on the bus. Like seriously never seen them before and then BAM! You know their entire family history, where they live, who they associate with, and somehow they also know where you live, and work and are asking you out for drinks, when clearly you are still listening to your music, and you are positive that the entire bus is also singing along with the song because you’ve turned it up SO LOUD.

5. When people don’t practice personal space. Whether in a line up, or sitting behind you on the bus. Seriously, I’m the only other person on the bus, you don’t have to sit behind me, lean forward so I can hear you sniff my hair, and I also don’t want to smell the fact that you obviously haven’t showered in a few weeks.

That is all


Katie said...

oh jeez....
the joys of commuting.

ps I love your view of the world... it reminds me that I'm not the only one who thinks like that!

so thanks!

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh (probably because it's hilarious to hear someone say out loud the things I think to myself).

Donnalynn said...

your are hilarious my girl!