Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fire Alarms

My brain space out was rudely interupted this morning by a blaring fire alarm in my building.
My little day-dream world ransacked by loud beeping and obnoxious flashing lights. Everyone's reaction? Stand and stare at each other as we tried to determine if we should leave. Like a bunch of deer in the headlights.
I'm sure we are the complete reason for firefighters dark humor. Idiots who can't seem to listen to FLASHING lights and EXTREMELY loud noises - geez... what could it mean???
Same reason I'm sure that people don't pull over for emergency vehicals, no matter how many lights are flashing, or how loud the sirens are "I swear, I never saw you..." Really? come on people.
And yet, there I was... standing, wide, shocked eyes, waiting for someone to tell me to leave. Brilliant.
Next time... I'm just gonna leave. I'd rather be thought over cautious than crispy.

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