Monday, May 28, 2012

Love is...

I believe in love. I believe in happy-ever-after and I believe that everyone deserves to experience that.
I believe that love has the ability to heal you, make you whole and tear you apart and destroy you.
It makes you vulnerable.
It makes you strong.
It can make you build walls and it can tear them down.
Love reaches across borders. Across barriers.
Love is irrational and illogical.
Love has no bearing on money or possessions.
Love does not base its depth upon social standing.
Love is terrifying. It is exhilarating.
Love, loves despite conflict. Love, loves despite the odds against it.
Love does not wait for the ideal time or circumstances.
Love understands the frailty of life and the shortness of time.
 It is beyond our control and often in spite of us.
Love empty’s you. It fills you up.
It’s risking it all.
Love is dedication and perseverance.
It’s limitless and unconditional.
Its friendship. Its family.
Love is the ability to laugh with someone over nothing
Love is being able to be silent. Its being able to talk about everything. and nothing.
Its loving someone more than yourself.
Love is sacrifice.
Love is loyalty. In the face of difficulty.
Love isn’t in a book.
 It’s not rehearsed or planned.
It’s not a fairy tale.
It can break your heart.
Love is raw.
And real.
It doesn’t make sense, but you know when you know

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